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The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force on 25th May 2018.


GDPR strengthen the protection of individuals in order to prevent misuse of their personal data.  Personal data includes the personal details of living people, such as names and addresses.


Individuals have new rights and organisations such as the Arts Society must comply with new requirements.  In summary, these are:



The Arts Society must have a record of an individual member’s formal consent to hold the data.  This can be an email, a signature or a completed tick box on a web page.  Any web page form must be opt in and must not assume consent by default.  The consent must cover the use to which the data is put.  We may not assume that forms completed in the past imply consent.


The Right to Access the Data

Members have the right to see the data held on them, free of any charge and promptly (within 30 days).


The Right to be Forgotten

Members have the right to have their personal data removed in its entirety if they request it. 


Destruction of Unused Data

The Society may not hold personal data for which there is no longer any use.  Such data must be securely deleted.


Demonstrating Compliance

Through this notice and by announcements from time to time we must keep members informed of our policy and who operates it.  In the case of the Arts Society Wirral, membership records are maintained by the Membership Secretary.  From time to time other members of the committee will hold personal data for the purpose of organising events. 

The Arts Society will never pass your details to a third party without your permission 



Any enquiries arising from this policy can be addressed to the Membership Secretary whose name and contact details are available on the Annual Programme Card. 

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